Basic protection against virusses

There are two basic programs which you absolutely need for the protection of your computer. An antivirus program and a Firewall. Never install more then one of those basic programs, because that will slow down your computer a lot.
But there is a lot of "cleaning" software and removal tools that you can use beside your antivirus program and firewall, without any problem.

Free Antivirus Software - Basis Programs

Microsoft Security Essentials - Windows 7 and Vista
Windows Defender - for Windows 8

Cleaning and Removal Software

AdwCleaner - Absolute aanrader!
MalwareBytes - anti-malware
Spyware Blaster
SuperAntiSpyware - verwijderd ook toolbars

Free Firewall

Outpost - uit te breiden met plugins
Private Firewall - zie handleiding: userguide.pdf
Sygate Personal Firewall - zie info
ZoneAlarm - gebruiksvriendelijk

Free Online file and website scanners

Virus Total:
Scan a file on your harddrive
Scan a website
Scan a file on your harddrive

Port Scanners

Shields UP
Test your firewall settings. This site will scan all the ports on your computer.